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Creating Quality Aluminum Products With Precision and Passion

Ross Aluminum is a custom Aluminum Casting Foundry that specializes in sand and permanent mold castings for the aerospace, automotive, defense, and small engine industries delivering consistent quality, value, and on-time delivery to our customers and business partners.


Our dry sand mold process is suited for difficult castings; it is an ideal method for complex shapes with sand free cored passageways used in aerospace hydraulic applications. Capable of meeting critical strength, pressure-tightness and mechanical properties.

Dry Sand

Our green sand molding process accommodates unlimited casting sizes, has low tooling costs and excellent dimensional repeatability. Ross Aluminum has an automatic molding machine, several squeezers, and three cope and drag units.

Green Sand

Our permanent mold process can produce castings with high density and close tolerances. Ross Aluminum can utilize stationary or tilt machine applications.

Permanent Mold

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