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Ross Aluminum offers several molding processes, including green sand, permanent mold, and dry sand castings. We offer the value-added services of machining, coating, pattern making, impregnation and HIP processes.

Ross Aluminum maintains the integrity of our process flow with in-house critical processes such as heat treat, penetrant inspection and radiographic inspection. We control metal quality through frequent spectrographic checks of all metal prior to pouring.

Ross Aluminum has a solid reputation of working with customer engineering to identify critical material requirements and applying our casting expertise to meet the necessary properties and material characteristics.

Ross Aluminum processes allow easy transfer of your existing tooling.


Our dry sand mold process is suited for difficult castings; it is an ideal method for complex shapes with sand free cored passageways used in aerospace hydraulic applications. Capable of meeting critical strength, pressure-tightness and mechanical properties.

Dry Sand

Our green sand molding process accommodates unlimited casting sizes, has low tooling costs and excellent dimensional repeatability. Ross Aluminum has an automatic molding machine, several squeezers, and three cope and drag units.

Green Sand

Our permanent mold process can produce castings with high density and close tolerances. Ross Aluminum can utilize stationary or tilt machine applications.

Permanent Mold


Ross combines the most efficient foundry methods with the best core productions, molding methods and casting process:
  • Molding Equipment

    • Matchplate production

    • Cope and drag production

    • All core production (dry sand)

    • Programmable core loop system

    • Automatic molding system

    • Hunter HMP 20 (20"x26")

    • Machine molding

    • Floor molding

    • 40x70 British Cope and Drag

    • Osborne Cope and Drag

    • Permanent molding

  • Pattern Shop

    • CAD capabilities using Pro Engineering, and Surf Cam

    • CAD to pattern capabilities

    • Tool construction through CAD files to Fadal CNC

    • Supports concurrent engineering activities​

  • Core Making Equipment

    • Redford Shell Machines

    • Gaylord Core Making Stations

    • B&P CB5,CB10, CB15

    • Large Airset Loop

  • Other Equipment

    • Reverbatory Melting

    • Drop Bottom Heat Treat Furnace

    • Internal Radiographic inspection

    • Penetrant System

    • Impregnation System

Core Making Abilities

    • Ross Aluminum has the capability to make all cores to meet our customer’s needs. We use a variety of core process including shell, isoset, oil sand, and airset, to best meet the specific requirements of the casting application. Our large loop system can produce cores of over one thousand pounds. The small blowers and shell machine can produce precise cores with diameters of 1/8 inch to support intricate internal passage configurations.

  • Casting Sizes

    • Ross Aluminum produces parts from several ounces to over 200 pounds in a variety of configurations. Our British molding machine routinely cast parts in green sand that are over 4 feet long and 2 feet by 2 feet in cross section. Large oil pans for diesel engines are a typical application.


  • We can also produce large parts in our dry sand assembly area which requires more extensive coring.


  • Metals

    • Ross has the capabilities to pour several alloys for special projects in order to support unique customer requirements. Ross continuously checks metal composition through in-house analysis. We use rotary inert degassing to insure low porosity level and we incorporate expanded ceramic foam filters into the melt process to insure inclusion free metal.

    • Precise control of metal temperatures, low gas levels, and low inclusion levels allow Ross Aluminum to meet our customers' requirements for quality and mechanical properties.

    • Aluminum Alloys

      • 201

      • 206

      • 319

      • C355

      • A356

      • A357

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